New Parents: Establish a bedtime routine and keep your sanity

As a new parent it’s easy to get overwhelmed with work, chores, and the nerve-racking responsibility of caring for the baby. Perhaps the worst thing a new dad can ever hear is the baby crying when your brain is already fried at the end of the day. When both parents have jobs it only compounds the stress.

stewieMy wife and I got in the habit of rocking our baby to sleep with a bottle and some background noise. It’s nice to do in the first few months of your child’s life since he is so small, cute, tender, and new. But if you continue this beyond 6 months you’re setting yourself up for frustration and stress.¬†Since both us parents work the old bedtime routine of rocking him to sleep for 20 minutes (and then he’d wake up again) was tedious and exhausting.¬† Continue reading “New Parents: Establish a bedtime routine and keep your sanity”