Smart watches and fitness bands: Not for me just yet

Fitness bands: Track your every move so you can see how active — or inactive you are. The goal here is to keep yourself in check. You know if you are being lazy and are reminded to get up and run or walk.


Smart watches, on the other hand, are intended to do that and a bit more. With a smart watch you can make calls, send texts, check notifications, etc. just like Dick Tracey. Most can still perform basic tasks.

Both are great ideas but my attempts to try them did not work out. I had time with the Microsoft Band 2 and the Fitbit Charge HR. Each of these devices, and all smart watches in general, need more durability and longer battery life. It’s why I cannot replace my reliable and long-lasting regular old watch with one of these fancy futuristic options just yet.

Here are a few issues I had with each device individually: Continue reading “Smart watches and fitness bands: Not for me just yet”