Stung by a stingray? Hot water is the only relief

I’ve lived in Southern California all of my life and have been to the beach countless times. Never have I been stung by a stingray, jellyfish, or anything for that matter. Not even a bee!

But something like this eventually happens to everyone, right? I was recently stung by a stingray and it was the most intense pain I’ve ever felt for 2 excruciating hours!

Before I tell you the story about my stingray incident, I’ll first go through the steps you must take to relieve the pain and instantly feel better. Most of those who end up reading this will have found the article by Googling something like: Stung by stingray what to do for pain. That’s exactly what the wife and I did!

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Camping with a baby: Tips and experiences

About a month ago my wife and I took our 7 month old baby on a 2-day camping trip to Silverwood Lake in the California desert. Both of us parents were pretty nervous going into it, especially considering that we haven’t been camping in a few years. I had many concerns, but after doing a bit of research online about experiences from other parents who take their small children camping, we decided to go for it. We’ll first start off with a list of supplies and tips from our experience…

Tips & supplies for camping with a baby

Below is a list of tips and items that helped us on our camping trip to Lake Silverwood. Let us know in the comments section if we left anything important off the list! Continue reading “Camping with a baby: Tips and experiences”