Hey balding guy: Shave your head and be free (like me)

If you’re like me, you started going bald in your early twenties and mostly ignored it. Or tried to ignore it. It’s not easy. Styling your hair a certain way and getting it trimmed often to hide the thinning hair is not fun. And it doesn’t really work. You know what I mean.

A few years ago (I’m 30 right now) I contemplated trying to reverse the damage already done with topical treatments but soon realized it is costly and not ideal for frugal savers. Instead, I decided to follow the lead of a few friends and shaved my head.

Just shave it.

Gone are the days of worrying about combing my hair before I go out and trying my best to make it look like I’m not balding too fast. No more worrying about visiting the barber every few weeks to keep it short. Now I just shave it every 2-3 days quickly in the shower and get on with more important things.

Luckily, my wife is fine with it. I’m sure she’d enjoy having me with a full head of hair, but the reality is it’s not gonna happen. She knows that. If your girl loves you, it won’t matter.

If you haven’t noticed, shaved heads are becoming more and more common for the average dude and in turn the stigma of skinhead, gangster, cholo, or whatever is vanishing (like your hair LOL). A lot of athletes are doing it now and if you pair it with a decent beard then you’re good to go.

Other positives can be for those that wear a helmet often. I wear a hard hat at work, I occasionally play hockey, and soon want to start riding a motorcycle. Bikers caught on to this benifit a long time ago. A shaved head means not having to worry about messy hair anymore!

Lastly, nobody likes seeing someone trying to hide a balding head by styling it a certain way. It just makes it more obvious and screams insecure. I did it for far too long. It’s hard to let go. But once you do, it’s awesome.

Oh, and get yourself a good razor. Nothing’s worse than a dull blade. I’ve been using Dollar Shave Club for about 8 months and haven’t looked back. More on that in another article.

Have you thought about shaving your balding head or have you done it already?

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