The rigors of shopping for a used Tacoma

I finally landed my new (to me) truck, but the search for these non-depreciating workhorses was painful. Literally, my eyes were burning some nights looking at ads and emails trying to find the right truck at the right price.

When I decided to buy a used Tacoma instead of new, I had no idea how well they held their value. I was looking at 6 year old trucks with over 110,000 miles go for more than $20,000. And if you want 4×4… expect to pay thousands more. I didn’t want to spend more than $20k so my options were pretty limited. It took awhile to realize I had to change my game plan. When you finally accept that Toyota Tacoma (and other foreign trucks) have a high resale value, things become easier. So accept it.

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Smart watches and fitness bands: Not for me just yet

Fitness bands: Track your every move so you can see how active — or inactive you are. The goal here is to keep yourself in check. You know if you are being lazy and are reminded to get up and run or walk.


Smart watches, on the other hand, are intended to do that and a bit more. With a smart watch you can make calls, send texts, check notifications, etc. just like Dick Tracey. Most can still perform basic tasks.

Both are great ideas but my attempts to try them did not work out. I had time with the Microsoft Band 2 and the Fitbit Charge HR. Each of these devices, and all smart watches in general, need more durability and longer battery life. It’s why I cannot replace my reliable and long-lasting regular old watch with one of these fancy futuristic options just yet.

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Hey balding guy: Shave your head and be free (like me)

If you’re like me, you started going bald in your early twenties and mostly ignored it. Or tried to ignore it. It’s not easy. Styling your hair a certain way and getting it trimmed often to hide the thinning hair is not fun. And it doesn’t really work. You know what I mean.

A few years ago (I’m 30 right now) I contemplated trying to reverse the damage already done with topical treatments but soon realized it is costly and not ideal for frugal savers. Instead, I decided to follow the lead of a few friends and shaved my head.

Just shave it.
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Cutting the (cable) Cord — It’s not an easy decision and here’s why

It’s a new era of media consumption and if the cable companies aren’t careful, they just might get left in the dust. About 10 years ago if you told someone you were cutting cable it was most likely because you were absolutely broke and needed to save money. It was usually a last resort.

Nowadays, it can be a combination of money savings and the fact that there are other alternatives. I want to cut cable not because I am broke, but  I would like to save money (we’re looking to buy a house) and it wouldn’t mean complete lacking of TV. I already subscribe to Netflix and have an Amazon Prime account (a lot of Amazon Video content comes with it).

Lately I’ve found that we flip through channels and find nothing. It’s all (well, mostly) crap and end up on some mind-numbing reality show. How will we survive without it???!!!!

What will I miss if I cut cable?

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New Parents: Establish a bedtime routine and keep your sanity

As a new parent it’s easy to get overwhelmed with work, chores, and the nerve-racking responsibility of caring for the baby. Perhaps the worst thing a new dad can ever hear is the baby crying when your brain is already fried at the end of the day. When both parents have jobs it only compounds the stress.

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Stung by a stingray? Hot water is the only relief

I’ve lived in Southern California all of my life and have been to the beach countless times. Never have I been stung by a stingray, jellyfish, or anything for that matter. Not even a bee!

But something like this eventually happens to everyone, right? I was recently stung by a stingray and it was the most intense pain I’ve ever felt for 2 excruciating hours!

Before I tell you the story about my stingray incident, I’ll first go through the steps you must take to relieve the pain and instantly feel better. Most of those who end up reading this will have found the article by Googling something like: Stung by stingray what to do for pain. That’s exactly what the wife and I did!

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How to make a perfect hard-boiled egg in under 15 minutes

Listen up dads, dudes, and maybe even a few ladies. You can call this the hard-boiled egg recipe for dummies!

If you want a quick and hearty breakfast the hard-boiled egg on top of toast or a bagel can be the perfect meal. Like my wife and I, you can plan out your breakfast for the entire week by boiling as many eggs as you need on Sunday night. For all the dudes out there who have no idea where to start, you can use my hard-boiled egg instructions below to make your busy mornings easier!

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Camping with a baby: Tips and experiences

About a month ago my wife and I took our 7 month old baby on a 2-day camping trip to Silverwood Lake in the California desert. Both of us parents were pretty nervous going into it, especially considering that we haven’t been camping in a few years. I had many concerns, but after doing a bit of research online about experiences from other parents who take their small children camping, we decided to go for it. We’ll first start off with a list of supplies and tips from our experience…

Tips & supplies for camping with a baby

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Big child play yards — Do they exist anymore?

The two biggest play-pens I can find: Graco TotBloc Pack N’ Play and the Joovy Room2.

I just became a parent six months ago and there are few things that seem different from my childhood when it comes to child products. One thing I noticed is playpens and their lack of size. When I was little my play yard seemed big, and according to my mom and dad — it was! Much bigger than the ones currently sold in major stores. So the past few weeks I’ve been on the hunt for a big, massive, over-sized play pen for kids. When not THAT big. Just something bigger than his crib.

camping-with-baby-child-tips-3I wanted something in the 5’x5′ range, but didn’t find anything. Our kid extremely mobile for his age. He’ll get from one side of the room to the other in under 10 seconds doing the infamous army crawl. So yep… we need something big for him. But I’m not a fan of the fence enclosures. He’s already so strong and destructive, I feel little Mikey will eventually break through and the whole thing would become pointless. Eventually, I’m sure I’ll need to invest in some fences to block out the kitchen and bathroom areas.

For those who are saying…

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